At nightfall the Osoyoos Desert Centre comes alive

At nightfall the Osoyoos Desert Centre comes alive

The sun sets behind the mountains above the Osoyoos Desert Centre. (© Richard McGuire photo)

By Richard McGuire

The Osoyoos Desert Centre is a protected island of endangered antelope brush habitat on 67 acres outside Osoyoos. The interpretive nature facility provides a 1.5-km boardwalk taking visitors into the dry, shrub-grassland sometimes referred to as a “pocket desert.”

Animals are less visible during the hot daytime, but at nightfall they are more often seen.

The centre remains open until early October.

A young buck deer at the Osoyoos Desert Centre is well camouflaged among the sagebrush, antelope brush and tall grass. Animals are often more active in the evening. (Richard McGuire photo)
A Nuttall’s cottontail freezes among the grass when it perceives a predator. (© Richard McGuire photo)
Prickly pear cactus. (© Richard McGuire photo)
The South Okanagan’s endangered antelope brush habitat is unique in Canada. (© Richard McGuire photo)