Interior Health giving patients online access to their personal medical records

Interior Health giving patients online access to their personal medical records

Adam Smith (left) and Drew Dawson, clinical informatics analysts, have been enrolling patients in MyHealthPortal at hospitals throughout Interior Health. (Photo contributed)

As Interior Health continues to catch up with the digital age, software is finally available for patients to access their personal information from the Internet.

Fewer steps will be required to access personal health statistics for anybody who signs up for a MyHealthPortal account.

Staffers from Interior Health were stationed at the South Okanagan General Hospital in Oliver in March to get patients on the net.

“It provides patients with access to their health info, Interior Health lab results and things like that,” said David Sookaveiff from Interior Health. “It’s easy to do and it’s there as an information resource.”

Sookaveiff says MyHealthPortal will benefit all patients who sign up, especially those with chronic conditions.

Sometimes, patients have to take additional doctor trips to obtain their healthcare information, whereas MyHealthPortal can virtually deliver that data anywhere.

On other occasions, doctors don’t always inform patients when there are no health concerns.

“No news is good news” doesn’t cut it for some patients though and MyHealthPortal keeps them up to date on all of it.

By giving people quicker and easier access to their personal health stats, “Patients can have richer conversations with their providers and it enables them that way to better outcomes,” Sookaveiff said.

Interior Health launched the initiative in line with the province’s recommendations to improve patient engagement in healthcare.

“The portal provides supports to the patient to help them be more empowered and take more control over their individual healthcare,” he said.

The main goal is to improve system level outcomes for individual patients.

Sookaveiff said there aren’t high expectations that MyHealthPortal will have a major impact on the overall healthcare system.

“Whether or not it improves the system in some way I’m not sure,” he said.

For those who missed the opportunity to sign up at SOGH, there will be a remote method of signing up by mail, and a self-enrolment program is also being developed. 

The program works via a secure portal from the Interior Health website.

Once they’re signed in, patients can view their health lab results; diagnostic imaging reports (such as X-rays, scans and ultrasound); upcoming appointments; recent hospital visit history; and the opportunity to update address and phone number information.

MyHealthPortal first launched last June in Salmon Arm.

The response has been “great” with more than 8,000 enrolled so far.

Find out information about this new initiative by going online and visiting the site at

By Dan Walton